The Book Week Parade

Last week was our Book Week and we were reading so many books together in our classrooms. On Thursday we participated on a Character Parade and we had so much fun guessing who is who. Can you spot Tintin, Elsa, Batman, Spider-man, Cat in the Hat, Little Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf, The Rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland, Mermaid, Ladybug, Cinderella, Cowboy and all their friends?

My Gym and Build a Bear Workshop


During our unit of inquiry ‘The Way We Play’, we had the change to have our first field trip and we visited My Gym. We learned many new games during our visit and we laughed a lot during all the fun activities we did together.

Build-A-Bear Workshop came to visit us here in the school. We learned new songs and games and got a change to make our own bears. It was really exciting to make our own bears and name them.


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Sports Day, Monday 22nd January 2018

We had our Sports Day on Monday 22nd and we all had so much fun! Grade 5 students had organized such a great event for us preschoolers. All the students enjoyed the day and it was lovely to have so many parents participating as well. Our Sports Day was full on action and having fun together.

Mohameed’s Weekend with Lola

Mohameed and his family had so much fun with Lola. Mohameed took her everywhere he went. He didn’t even want to leave her when he went to bed. Thursday night they went together to a restaurant. He also bought Lola a dress which he chose himself. On Friday they had breakfast together and watched a movie on the iPad. Later that day, he introduced Lola to the rest of his family. Saturday morning they baked a cake with Mohameed’s mommy, and later on they went to The Pearl because the weather was lovely. Mohameed and Lola had a wonderful weekend together.

Narvan’s Weekend

Narvan and Frankie had a busy weekend eating lots and lots of delicious pasta! They also went to Manu’s birthday party in the park, where they ate cake and some more pasta. Frankie played lots of games with Narvan, and loved the balloons!

Reina’s Weekend with Lola

Lola had so much fun with Reina last weekend. Reina was very excited to spend some time with Lola, so she took her for dinner on Thursday night to a Chinese restaurant! After a very long day it was time to go to bed, and Lola gave Reina some cuddles before she went to sleep. In the morning, Reina and Lola had some eggs for breakfast. What a lovely weekend!

Eliot’s Weekend with Lola

Lola had a very busy weekend with Eliot! After school, Eliot’s mummy took Eliot and Lola to the bakery to eat some doughnuts. Eliot took Lola to the park and read his favorite stories to her after such a busy day. Lola also got to meet Sushi! Sushi is Eliot’s cat, and they have become really good friends. What a lovely weekend!

Rosalie’s Weekend – Sunday, 15th January 2017

Frankie had a very enjoyable weekend! Rosalie did too and was therefore very tired. Good thing Frankie was there to comfort her when she was upset. After breakfast he enjoyed watching the whole family play at the kitchen table. He even helped Rosalie pick the right markers when she was colouring! And he sat with her and gave her cuddles when she fell down on the street  and hurt her elbow. Oh and of course he lay in her bed every night keeping her company and making sure she was sleeping well. Thanks Frankie for being such a good friend to Rosalie!

Saeed’s Weekend – Sunday , 15th January 2017

Saeed really enjoyed his weekend with Frankie! He went to see some animals such as horses and sheep too. Next, it was time for a new change of clothes. Saeed and Frankie visited Build-A-Bear, and tried on a few different outfits before picking the right one. Frankie also went shopping at the supermarket, sat with Saeed while he got his hair cut, jumped on the trampoline, and made some yummy delicious pizza! After a long and exciting weekend, it was time to put on some pyjamas and jump straight into bed…!

Adel’s Weekend – Sunday, 22nd January 2017

Adel and Frankie had lots of fun this weekend! Frankie helped Adel carry his backpack all the way to the car, and also went to the supermarket to help pick the right cereal for breakfast time. Next it was time to make some yummy and delicious ice-cream; chocolate and vanilla! The next day, Frankie went with Adel to his swimming lesson. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend!